Face-to-Face with Radovan Karadzic: Impressions of the ICTY

As I watch Mr. Karadzic enter the courtroom of the ICTY, clean-shaven and wearing a business suit, my mind goes back to almost five years ago, when the same man was found hiding in Belgrade, disguised as a new-age healer with a flowing beard and oversized glasses, on the run for charges of genocide in the Bosnian war. Seeing him now in his lawyerly role in the civilized surroundings of the ICTY, it seems almost implausible that he is responsible for some of the worst episodes of violence in Europe since the Second World War.

Easter Island issues independence threat to Chile

In a recent article from the Guardian it was reported that inhabitants of Easter Island, the Rapa Nui, are threatening to declare their independence from Chile and lodge a complaint against the government with the International Court of Justice. The Rapa Nui claim that they have been robbed of their ancestral lands by Chile and demand that the Chileans uphold human rights.

The curious Case of Cabinda: an Introduction

In 2010, the Vitoria Institute became aware of the curious case of Cabinda: a territory that is formally recognized in the world as being part of the Angola, but is unattached to the territory of Angola proper. It is, therefore, an exclave, and one that has been embroiled in a quite and low-intensity armed conflict, but bloody nonetheless. Little known in the world is the fact that the inhabitants of Cabinda have struggled at least since 1975 against what many in Cabinda call Angolan oppression and to ultimately gain independence for Cabinda.

The Dutch shift from development aid to development investment

In recent years, development aid has become a subject of  discussion in the Netherlands. In times of economic crisis the budget for development aid is one of the first to be reconsidered. The self-evidence of development aid ? about which there had long been a broad political and social consensus ? seems to have come to an end now that its impact and effectiveness are seriously questioned.